New Homes

From start to finish, we build exactly what you want.

This project manager meets with the client and architect, estimates, and signs the contract.. The project manager then supervises the project. We do not have independent estimators. This helps provide a seamless transition from design to construction to completion as the project manager is involved throughout the entire process. The project manager visits the site at least once a day and coordinates the carpentry crew and sub-contractor’s activities with the owner and architect. This intensive management results in a smooth experience and results in timely and efficient construction.

We believe in the necessity for control of time and cost, but not at the expense of quality during the construction phase. Construction costs represent only one portion of the overall life cycle costs.

Quality of work and performance are critically important to the success of a project since it is the owner who will have to live with the results.

Looking at the project through the eyes of the owner spotlights the cost effectiveness of residential construction rather than competitive provision of services by the various participants.